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Thursday, 3 May 2012

minisite can boost your sales figures

A mini site is generally a single page site designed to sell only a particular product or service. It is a very good way to generate big sales fast and directly. With huge traffic flow, a good minisite can really fill up your cash box fast.
A minisite is a direct sales website which is normally single page. Its aim is to generate sales immediately for a particular product or service. Sometimes mini sites can be multipages but most of these pages are used to add to the sales or make some special offers. Another purpose of a minisite is also to capture leads for building future prospects.
Optimizing minisite for search engines is difficult since it does not have many pages, content and keyword ranking. Its main source of traffic is often backlinks and from leads. Care must be taken in building a minisite which is technically correct and cross browser friendly. It must also be mobile device compatible for maximum viewership.
Salespages are often the main page where you land on a minisite. It is a combination of high voltage sales pitch content with some mesmerizing graphics to compel you makes a buying decision instantly. The content is often done by crafty copywriters who specialize in salespage writing. They will convince you to draw your purse by the time you reach the end of the page. To support the content, the graphic designer creates graphics which are equally good in pushing you towards a positive buying decision. If done properly a good salespage has a very good conversion ratio and makes money over night.
A salespage is often supported by few other pages which are aimed at increasing the sales volume by pitching in additional products or services. These are often referred as upsell pages, downsell pages or OTO (one time offer) pages. Once a prospect buys the main product, he is offered these pages for buying a further variant of the product. It can often be a paid membership or coaching program or training videos, etc. The goal is the same – more business from an already convinced buyer.

Some ground rules must be followed while creating a minisite like a proper keyword rich Homepage. There must be some tracking code in it like Google Analytics or similar for tracking the traffic and analyze. There should be link backs from other sites, preferably a few blogs. A proper sitemap is also useful in building up a good mini site template.

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