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Thursday, 27 March 2014

3 Tips to Create Stunning & Saleable Ecover Design

If you are online to sell your digital products, a stunning ecover is most important to mint money. It is a common behavioral pattern of people that they receive maximum information through their eyes. It is the outlook that you consider first before making a purchase from clothes shop, book shop or retail stores etc. The same principle applies when it comes to digital products. Visual impression is important to convince the consumers when they are buying an ebook, software or any product from virtual market.
You can hire an ecover design professional. This is the best way to get a unique and excellent cover designed for your digital product. However, you have another choice to design an ecover. There is a wider selection of tools such as eocver creators, Photoshop action scripts, ecover generators that you can use for your purpose. In this article, we will discuss three simple tips to help you design an ecover that fetches attention from people who want to purchase and download your products.

Select images carefully

Choose only those images which are ideal to express messages and content of your product/service. It is extremely important that the pictures and your offer perfectly fit each other. Avoid using too many colors as it may divert visitors’ attention off what you have on offer. Do editing if required. You may change colors, resize, crop images, transform and do other important editing work to ensure the final output looks stunning. Images should be high on quality, otherwise these will not look good on the cover. When you are through selection and editing, place the images in right area.

Select right texts

Title is one of the most important parts of an ecover design. It should be short and crispy, aptly describing your product or service. Use special front and increase the font size for title to create an enhanced visual effect. You can download fonts from websites; plenty of them are easily available. Use special effects to lend it a more professional touch.
Then it is important to consider list of selling points. This aspect plays a significant part to convince the customers to purchase your product. For this part, choose simple and smaller font. Add special effects and bullet points to it. Remember two simple tips as follows:
·         Align texts to the left, it looks professional.
·         Make sure texts are easy to read even in thumbnail size.

Select right color

Before you choose a color or color combination, you should know what effects it will have on people. Everything depends on the particular shade of colors you choose, how much of it you use and which other types you choose for a good combination. Here are meanings of some most common colors:

Red: Strong, passionate and aggressive. Use it if you want to stress on something, catch attention of the visitors and want them to take action.

Green: Renewal, health, growth and environment. Use it on ecover design to make an expression of freshness, stability and harmony.

Yellow: Joy, happiness and good feelings. Use it to grab eyeballs when you think red will be too much for texts. 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

How Customize Graphics in Minisite Design Ensure Sales Conversion

Minisite is a powerful medium just like any regular website. To speak the truth, it is more focused compared to a normal website that represents the products’ profile instead of just one or two item. Usually a minisite contains one or two pages instead of several pages that you see in case of a full-fledged website. That also suggests developing a minisite needs less of time (though not less of effort).  

A minisite contains less of content. So it is more important that you create it pithy and punchy. And graphics, as usual, need to be in relevance with your minisite theme i.e. product. Being a strong promotional tool online, a minisite design excels at what it does……it attracts the minds from all over the world. In other words, a minisite is just like a mixing bowl of people converging to a certain point where they need a certain product that you manufacture and/or market.

It Works

No other medium functions as effectively as a minisite. That proven effectiveness is driving more marketers and entrepreneurs to the usage of this tool. They have rightly assessed that by leveraging this online marketing tool, they could claim more stakes in the market in less time, with less expenses but expanded reach. In order to fulfill the objective, there should be an effective means in place to reach the target customers who is looking for whatever you have on offer via your minisite in a way that will set your business apart from and ahead of millions of those vying for attention from mass and market.

How to Make Your Minisite Work

The best way to ensure that you will be a stand-out with utmost professionalism is to do what the online marketing specialists have been following for the last 10 years. They are using the customized graphics to catch attention of the target consumers immediately and also convince them to read your online sales copy so that they get to know about your offers right from the horse’s mouth.

Those who do not use customized graphics for their minisite design see their effort collapsing miserably. This is because; those who are placing customized graphics in their sites are more successful and find themselves at the helm of race in the market. It has been previously stated that these minisites are more affordable and can be developed for few hundred dollars. What is more, the development work will be finished just within a couple of months.

The time measures the gap between when you placed an order for your minisite and until the final layout is not up to your satisfaction. Usually, you can request for two revisions and that will be enough to accommodate every specification as demanded by you. It is hardly possible to have quality custom graphics for your minisite development at anything less than two hundred dollars. The key to online marketing success is to ensure that your minisite rightly delivers message for the target audience. Customized graphics are important for your minisite as these aptly ensure sales conversion.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How Facebook Minisite Design Can Help Your Business Grow

Facebook is currently the biggest social networking site. It has become a globally accepted platform for everyone to exhibit their talents, market their brands, share their thoughts and just to chill and chat. It gives a wider section of population an immediate access to one’s brand and business.
You might be wondering how Facebook gets a mention in the space of an article on minisite design. Before we delve into the matter, let us first disclose a little more in this regard. Two-three years ago, the business class started creating Facebook profiles for their brands. The purpose behind was to encourage the customers to like their page, which will ultimately market their products.   
With time going away, both the entrepreneurs and marketers strongly felt the need for a more powerful tool of brand marketing and minisite development made its way into the list of some alternative and effective options.

Facebook Minisite – What Is It?

A Facebook minisite refers to a unique micro site or landing page within the Facebook frame concerning a particular company or brand. If you own a business, you can create a Facebook minisite that will help your target audience reach you easily and immediately.

Facebook offers minisite design as a freebie, allowing you to set it up at free of cost. However, there are several nuances associated with minisite development within the social networking site, which may be beyond your understanding and skill. So to do some serious business marketing, seek help from a professional who specializes in this niche.

A skilled person can understand your specific requirements and will offer solutions accordingly for a better and longer impact.

How a Facebook Minisite Can Help Your Business?

A Facebook minisite design can help your online business marketing effort in multiple ways. Let us discuss about it.

Enhancing Popularity

The best part of marketing through Facebook is it involves almost every section of people including government employees, working professionals, students, housewives and many others. It means a minisite designed for your brand marketing on Facebook will reach more audience within quick space of time. It will also enable the potential consumers to assess a particular product or service and that helps them make an informed decision.

Increasing Backlinks

A Facebook minisite design earns your original website a lot of traffic as well as back links. That actually inspires the users to visit your main website and browse through the same. They can find out more details about your brand and product profiles and that ultimately helps you find a foothold in the industry through increase in sales margin.

Word of Mouth

Facebook is a media used throughout the world. It is backed by the power of people. So, once you develop a Facebook-based minisite, it inspires people within online friends’ circle to like your page and/or share it. This initiates a chain-like effect. You just need to start it and the momentum will be achieved through ‘like and share’ activities.  
In the present business scenario, expected growth is impossible without cemented support from effective and intelligent online marketing. Consider cost-effective ways to spread your brand name, consider minisite design on Facebook!