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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Minisite Designs – Different Types of Mini Sites & How to Make It Work

A minisite is the most effective tool to boost up your portfolio within a short space of time. A minisite design - if properly done - can bring you a good flow of cash every month. You can also link them with your main website and promote the same in an indirect way. A minisite is a small website containing only 1-2 pages though sometimes it may include more pages but that is a rarity. A minisite is meant to promote only a single product or related products in a single group and mainly focused on how to increase sale. However, there are multiple types of minisites depending on the purpose they serve. Here are a few of them:
·         Information Mini Sites: Such type of minisite is built to cover a particular product, service or topic in order to dish out valuable information to e-crowd. The webmasters usually place amazon, adsense and other popular affiliate links on these sites and hope that a certain percentage of their target visitors will click on them.

·         Tool Mini Sites: There are thousands of free scripts easily available to download and allow you to develop a minisite with a useful tool. For example, the intending minisite designers can easily download a script for weight conversion and develop a minisite design that allows the visitors to utilize the tool. You can also place advertisements around these tools.
·         Product Mini Sites: These minisites give reviews about one particular product. They are created to target a particular affiliate item. For example, if you want to generate more sales on a website selling anti-wrinkle cream, you need to build up more pages to discuss about causes of ageing and how your product slows down the process.

You can use PPC campaigns or adwords for your minisite promotion. You can update your minisite from time to time. A great thing about them is once minisites are built, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on their design once again. Only a few hours are required to develop a minisite and write the content. And then place links on your minisite to connect it to your main website or other sites in order to increase traffic and ensure a steady cash flow through it.

Minisites, while functioning individually, are unlikely to glance off much but if work collectively, they could earn you an overwhelming return. Minisites are easy to design as well as maintain. There is no need to respond to mails hitting your email account on a regular basis. You also don’t need to regularly update your minisite design. After you are done with their it design, there is no need to take further look at the site. That saves you time that can be spent for other purposes.
However, you need to check stats every now and then and even may have to add a page or more pages. You may also add a little tweak to your minisite to refresh its look, provided such change is likely to bring you good money.

Of course, you should go back every now and then and check stats and perhaps add a page or tweak the site a little, particularly if the site is making you good money (note : mini sites are also a great way to test the water of a niche you’re not familar with).

Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to Optimize Your Minisite Design on Search Engines

A minisite refers to a simple and clutter-free website created to promote a particular product and convey sales message. A mini site is also referred to as a micro site and has a URL that is distinct from the main website. It may contain five-six pages though most of the time, is a single-page creation. 

The purpose behind any minisite design is to generate more leads and sales. Now traffic build-up for your minisite can be improved via content development, article marketing, PPC campaign and social media marketing. Unlike regular websites, minisites are not designed with aggressive SEO marketing components like keyword-rich content and so take time to get a good rank in the search engine result pages. However, they can be made compatible with search engine algorithms via addition of a few more pages and content. It is very important for a minisite to be easily visible on the search engine listings, attract more visitors and enhance rate of conversion. 

A minisite serves only a single purpose and that is to sell your product. Most of the time, the landing page contains the sales message so that it easily comes into view of the target visitors. Simple navigation is a must-have feature for any effective minisite design. Simplicity is a striking feature that encourages the prospects to visit your site and make a buy from it if they like your product and the sales message convince them. A one-page structure makes it difficult for a minisite to be favored by the search engines. In fact, a minisite – even if designed stunning and most professional – is the first one to go down the pecking order of major search engines.

The search engines love keyword-rich content but minisites are short on that. By including a few pages to your one-page minisite, you can make it attract search engine crawlers. It will help in optimization of your minisite. The required additional pages are as follows:


All business related information must find a mention on your homepage. The page should also shed light on your product and the brand on the whole. Keywords must be used in title, subtitles and body of content. A homepage contains all the links to other pages of your minisite. An opt-in box should be placed in the right position for those visitors who are not interested to buy anything right now but could be asked to provide some basic information like email address so that they can be contacted in future. 

Article Pages

Articles found on these pages must have general ideas about the particular product promoted through use of optimized keywords. The search engines can recognize relevant synonyms and you can use them interchangeably. The ideal way to optimize your minisite design is to develop a separate page for every article based on a single keyword. That will give your minisite page great exposure, earning you more leads within a short time. However, the trick for better conversion lies in the links that direct to the sales page. 


A sitemap is a guideline for the search engines to locate specific page in your minisite. When you are creating sitemaps, make sure that your minisite home page, article page and other pages maintain right density of relevant keywords for more exposure in search engines.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Checklist for Essential Components of Minisite Design Templates

Every minisite template is designed in keeping with the laws of direct responsive web design so that your web effort leads to a dramatic increase in conversion rate. Fact is, a cheap template is a downer for your online business as it drives people away and dissuades them from making a buy from your website. According to industry experts, a minisite is a presentation in front of online audience and must highlight the qualities of your product/service. Don’t you think your minisite design needs extra care and it’s time for you to stop promoting your brand in a sock?
A beautifully done and designed minisite is actually a sales message. The purpose of minisite making is to perform one important task and it is to encourage visitors to know about your product/service and place an order for it. There is a host of differences between regular website templates and direct response eliciting minisite templates. Selecting the wrong one could cost you lost sale because that lacks sales pitch. Followings are some important parts of a minisite template, which need attention from your end.
The top header part of your minisite is a graphic area. A professionally designed header part will stamp the name of your brand in the visitors’ mind but never at the expense of driving attention away from headline or taking up screen space that might be used by your product.
Teaser text
It is the area which actually draws visitors’ attention to your minisite, encouraging them to head subconsciously to the headline part.
Headline area
Do you know more than 80% of selling can be made from this spot? It is better not to skate on thin ice by taking a chance on a design that adds no power to this crucial part.
High-quality ecovers
Presentation of product in the right way is extremely important. It’s similar to buying anything in supermarkets. The cover is the first thing to create impression. It also communicates the value of a product to your customers. Cheap cover is perceived having low value while professionally designed ecover is equated to high value.
Introduce yourself in a professional way
A sales copy with author’s photo sells much better than a copy without any photo. It’s common to consumers to easily trust others when it comes to making a purchase decision. So if a particular customer or group is impressed, expect them to spread words and that will bring you more buyers. But for that to happen, introduction must be very special.

Footer notice and copyright area

Just like regular websites, you can place as many links as you want in your minisite design. You can add Privacy Policy, Affiliate signup, Earnings Disclaimer, Refund Policy etc. Inclusion of these in footer area builds confidence in your defined visitors.
The above-mentioned parts are some of the minimum requirements of a minisite template though covering all of them in your minisite never ensures success. You need an accomplished design, high quality of product and excellent customer service. However, a good minisite template could be a solid starting point to build up an engaging and effective design

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Generate Leads through Ebook Design

An effective and one of the most popular ways to generate leads over internet is to offer free gifts including ebooks. Leads here mean email ids of the visitors who are interested in your business promotion via email marketing. It is a simple and straightforward approach towards marketing, requiring the marketing professionals to write their business-relevant ebook and then promote it online. To spread the words about their business, they even promote these ebooks on blog or website. Ebook design must be a stand-out in order to pick up curious glances from intending visitors who want to buy the particular product/service on offer. 

How can ebook help lead increase?

The obvious objective of ebook is to increase volume of traffic and generate leads. An ebook must interest the intending visitors and be easily understood by the readers. Online visitors can be easily lured by free offers, among which, ebooks deserve a special mention as it appeals to the visitors and is highly valued by them. The online visitors can easily download the ebook by clicking on the link provided, from where the actual process of lead generation kicks off. Needless to put here that more inspiring, inviting and professional an ebook design is, more leads it will generate. 

After clicking on the link, the visitors will be taken to a webpage that will ask them to enter email address. The page will inform the visitors that if they provide their contact details including email address, more information will be revealed to them. The online visitors won’t mind divulging more details as a chance to get rewards is more alluring for them. Such type of page is called landing page, squeeze page or lead capture page. True it is that the visitors are mainly motivated by the likelihood of getting something at free of cost. Still a good ebook design drivers more visitors, thereby generating more leads for your business. 

Decide your objectives – It’s most important

Before taking up an important task like ebook writing, you first need to decide why you want to write an ebook. The obvious purpose is to generate leads as well as add to your database. However, an audience takeaway goal must not be forgotten. What messages regarding your brand and/or product will you want to convey to customers? What types of feedbacks do you expect from audience? Do you want to see yourself as the industry leader? Do you like to give tips on your business or product relevant topic in a hope that potential visitors will get in touch of you to know more? Do you intend to share your story in a more interesting way?
Correct answers to all these questions will help you create a fascinating ebook design

Design is very important 

A good look is a winner everywhere. Keeping that in mind, you need to create your ebook in such a way that visitors cannot wait to leaf through its pages. A badly and unprofessionally designed ebook cover will turn off your target readers. Apart from look, catchy and quality content is also an important aspect of overall ebook design. Make sure that your ebook contains relevant content in brief but never create it a content-heavy output.  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ecover Action – A Good Choice to Create Stunning Ecover Designs with Ease

Have you ever thought why some products sell like hot cakes in the virtual market whereas the rest have moderate to poor performance in terms of return on investment? I do know many of you will refer to product quality. The fact is until and unless the buyers use a product, they won’t be aware of quality. It implies there is something else that catches the target customers’ attention and becomes quite a favorite with them.
In many cases, this overlooked yet most important aspect of product marketing is ecover design. If proper attention is paid to ecover designs, the manufacturing or marketing house could stand to wrap up a lot of money from their product sale. A beautiful cover picks up stares from the visitors and a slice of them click on ‘buy’ button. 

Service of a Professional Designer

An ecover designer is actually a graphic artist who is proficient in using software tools. An ecover design must be unique and in complete alignment with the product and its theme. Even the colors picked up for ecover should complement the design. An expert designer is endowed with skill and experience to create an out-of-the-packs, smart, relevant, engaging, professional and effective ecover.
While there are several benefits of hiring a designer for this work, on downside, it adds to your expenses. Furthermore, you need to bear additional cost if any modification is required in future. Most of the designers allow for one modification at free of cost. You cannot get ecover designs on demand as it will take about one week to complete an ecover project.
Another major pitfall is the project might not be delivered in time. You are one of many clients the designer deals with and so there is a chance that time deadline may be pushed further. There is another factor to cause delay and it is lack of effective communication with your designer regarding what you want or expect for your ecover project. You may have to cough out for what does not fit your bill. 

Think to Take an Action

Marketplace for digital merchandises is getting highly competitive and fast moving. The latest launches are shelved off quickly, implying that you need to put your digital product on market as early as possible. When things need to be finished quickly, usage of ecover action could earn you return up to your expectation.
Ecover action is high-end software. You will be able to create your own ecovers with a little bit of regular practice. And when you take the responsibility to create ecover desings quickly, you successfully avoid the delay that is very common while taking help from a graphic designer.
To enjoy a leading status in this competitive marketplace, it is important to quickly respond to the changing market condition. The marketers must make sure to put their products in the market as early as possible. The ability to respond quickly with a high-quality product and a suitable ecover can boomerang back with more money on your investment. Ecover action could be a good help for you in this regard.