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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Minisite Design – The Way You Can Make It Attractive & Effective

Websites have now evolved to such a point where you can rely on them to promote your business. That prompts the business owners and marketers to change their website look to a more improved one from time to time. The same look – even though it proved appealing once upon a time – is boring and needs a change in bells and whistles or overall work to appeal to the visitors. 

If you have a minisite design, it is easier to change. This is because; a minisite contains only a few pages and images, coupled with in-brief information. And every time you redesign to make the minisite more engaging, images, colors and content are the basic things to work on. Having intensive knowledge about colors, objects, patterns and content development will help you keep people’s attention glued to the chore of website design layout.
It’s a designer’s credit to keep the visitors on a webpage for a long time And longer they stay on your minisite, greater is the chance that they will make a purchase.
Marketing through Minisite – Safe & Interesting
When it comes to advantages of minisite design, the first point to mention is such type of marketing technique is completely safe and there is no idea of enforcing people into buying something. The idea is very simple and straightforward – influence the visitors psychologically by promoting your offer in such a way that will make them feel that your product/service is not only excellent but far different from others’ in the market.
The trick is to allure them to good look of your minisite. The very idea of feeling the pulse of what the target customers like and present those things of liking in combination with right colors is an age-old, effective and reliable technique. These days, the same concept is now applied online. Simple but effective combination of colors and animated objects can attract admiring glances your way but the challenge is to grab eyeballs for a long time.
That reasons why many marketers and business firms invest their resources on minisite design. There is no doubt that it’s less likely to know what every person finds appealing. However, it is always possible to learn common behavioral pattern and find things which are universally appealing.
Which Graphics to Use?
For a minisite marketer, the most critical part is selection and use of graphic images. Most of the visitors are attracted to flash objects. According to study, the visitors’ attention is, more than often, drifted towards flashing and glittering components. However, a workable idea is never to stuff your minisite with too many flashy designs. This will cause your minisite to load for a long time and that will not go well with the visitors.
The key to a successful minisite design is to leave it with simple look but professional touch. If the right and relevant graphics are used in combination with pithy and punchy content, that will be a more realistic idea to catch people’s imagination.

You can also use your product/service related ads right in the middle of flashy objects on others’ minisites. It is not an illegal practice but just a way to make a good use of human psychology.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sharing 3 Simple Tips to Create Catchy Ecover Designs

Importance of good ecover designs cannot be stressed enough. Contrary to usual belief, creating an ecover is not very difficult, particularly with help of ecover template. The online marketers are not unaware of the fact that the target buyers always gather more than 90% of information through their eyes.
Consider yourself as a buyer. What will influence your purchase decision? It is the outlook of the product that convinces you to buy. The situation is no different when it comes to digital products. While buying a product online, people always look for engaging visuals. If they are impressed, most of them waste no time to open their wallet.
You may not be in favor of expanding your budget by hiring a designer but at the same time, you don’t like taking the risk of designing it on your own. There is a way for people like you. There is a great variety of ecover templates for your selection. A wider range of software like ecover generator, ecover creators and Photoshop action scripts etc is also available to help you with ecover designing.
This write-up details three wonderful tips regarding how to create attractive ecover designs so that the prospective buyers are encouraged to purchase your product or download your book.
Be careful while selecting images
Select those images that can best capture the message of your product. Make it sure that the pictures and products are relevant. Good use of colors creates lasting impression but too many colors mars the look. Perform the necessary editing works like image cropping, resizing, color changing, transformation etc. Also check quality of your images. If you are using high-quality images, those will look good on your ecover.

Select informative & relevant text
We can divide the texts into two most important segments – title and USP of the product in question. It needs no mention that title is the most crucial part of ecover designs. It is better to keep the title short and crispy. The title must be little descriptive about your product. It should be placed on top of the ecover templates.
For the title, you can use special font or bigger font size that will be a good match for your product. There are a number of websites from where you can download fonts at free of cost. Choose special effects like embossing, shadow adding etc to create a more professional look for the digital cover of your product.
USP plays a role to convince your target visitors as to how your product is different from others. You must highlight those points that are unique about your product. Add bulleted texts for the list of unique selling points and choose simple fonts for this section. The best is to use left alignment and never make the mistake of aligning the texts at the center. Check if the texts – when used in thumbnail size – are clearly readable and whether images look decent.
Select suitable colors
Before selecting the colors or deciding their suitable combination for your ecover designs, you must be in knowhow of the effects that these colors produce on people. Apart from color choice, you should also decide how much of it to use and which shade you will use in combination with it.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

7 Steps to Create a Fascinating Minisite Design

An engaging and effective minisite is what can bring you the best result. It can earn you passive income through affiliate promotion that you have been relying for years. Followings are 7 simple steps regarding how to create a magnificent minisite design.
Base your domain name on keyword
To start with, you should choose a domain name that includes your target keyword. The best part of choosing a keyword-targeted domain name is there will be more chance for your site to get higher rank on that particular keyword in the search result pages.
Select a good design for your minisite
The next important thing for you to do is to decide a good design for your minisite. Look is what appeals to the visitors first. However, never select a garish look for your minisite, rather keep it simple yet professional. Your minisite is meant to deliver required information to the target customers. If the design is trendy and catchy, it will help you build up good reputation in your particular business niche.

Make a list of 10 business-related keywords
Design is not enough for your minisite, you need to develop content. And before doing so, you need to prepare a list of keywords, on which the content will be based. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business as well as domain name and have low competition. That is a very effective way to dominate search results for the main keywords.
Write articles for each of those keywords
After 10 most important, relevant and low-competitive keywords are enlisted, it is time to write contents based on them. Write at least 10 articles on each of your selected keywords. Your content must be unique, grammatically correct, of high quality and dish out information about the product/service that you want to promote through your minisite design. Develop contents in form of bulleted guidelines, tips, tutorials which are in high relevance with your business and product.
Create review articles for affiliate products
You should develop at least two pages for your minisite – the first one is landing page and the second one will be about review on your affiliate product. Your aim should be to guide the visitors to this page after they go through your content on the main page. Your review should illustrate the unique points about the affiliate product in easy-to-understand and catchy language so that the visitors are encouraged to purchase it.
Develop easy-to-navigate tools
A minisite does not contain many pages. It means building a simple navigation panel will not involve much of difficulties. Links to every minisite page should be placed in the sidebar. Easy navigation facilitates the visitors to find out contents and read them without any trouble.
Integrate paragraph leading to your review article
That last step to make your minisite design attractive is to place a paragraph that functions as a resource box. Insert this paragraph on your minisite and at the end of each article
A minisite does not take much of time to complete but brings you good result if it is designed magnificent.