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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Custom Minisite Design & Expert Graphic Designers

In online marketing, minisite design has emerged as an important tool to market your products and/or services. Obviously, you will like it to be most fascinating and functional by incorporating miscellaneous graphics characters like guarantee seals and order buttons.
The best way to achieve your goals is to hire a professional graphic designer. However, the persons should have excellent command over graphic tools as well as current website designing trend apart from a highly creative bent of mind to make sure that your minisite look feels fresh and is a far stand-apart from the ordinary packs. 

Custom Minisite Design - Basic Idea

Custom minisite design has become a growing trend. Increasing number of business proprietors are getting attracted to the idea of ‘customization’ while getting their minisites designed. But what is ‘customization’ all about? Actually a customized website is never generic in its look and feel. It is designed and developed on the basis of the exact requirements of a particular individual.
As needs of everyone are different, so a customized website looks very unique. It never looks like any of other websites already existing in the market and so catches to the fancy of the viewers, thus enhancing the chance that you will get more converts from those who just drop to see what are on offer. In a word, customized website unlocks the way heading to more fame and fund for your brand. 

Hire an Expert with Proven Excellence 

Designing a custom minisite template is a tricky job and definitely not for everyone to deal with. So an expert who has a considerable amount of experience and proven track record of creating excellent minisites is the only person to fit your bill. Once he is assigned with the job of minisite making, you can be assured that neither graphics nor arrangement looks similar to anyone else’s.
Hiring a highly skilled graphic designer for the purpose of minisite designing will give you a peace of mind that it will leave a lasting impression on your target visitors even though they might not make a buy immediately. 

Ensure a Professional Look for Your Minisite

Apart from being unique, a minisite design must look every bit professional. It gives an idea to the visitors that as a businessman, you are very much professional and well-prepared as well. If your website can’t send such a message, there is a chance that your reputation will be at stake. The poorly done minisite will earn you a bad name in the industry, keeping the prospective visitors away. 

Some Important Consideration before Hiring a Designer

There is a big downside of hiring an expert. Their charge is pretty high, which is often an intimidating factor for the online marketers, especially for those who are newbie in this field or short on fund.

Some graphic designers hit you hard with a charge every time you request for a revision. There are some whom you can’t contact once the work is done. They are no longer available for further support and you are left with a website that needs some changes. Last but not the least, expert designers are not available always as most of them are busy with long-term projects.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to Create Eye-Catching eBook Designs?

People nowadays prefer eBooks than paper books. There can be a lot of reasons that can be attributed to this factor. One of course is the easy availability and easy to carry and read. You just need to have a tablet pc, laptop, or a computer and you can enjoy some of the best books by renowned writers. Smartphones these days also allows you to read books. How awesome is that? But spare a thought for designers who toil hard to ensure they come up with the best eBook designs to make their customers happy. This article will tell you, in a little detail, about how to go about developing eBook designs. 

The steps you need to follow for eBook designing 

The first and foremost step that you need to keep in mind for eBook cover design is the target that you want to achieve with your design. For most people they look to achieve as many sales as possible with their design. So it is important for you to figure out the target market. And then you also need to research on what actually appeals to them. And the next step is very vital which involves you to ensure that your target market is happy with what you have to offer. Well, to ensure the third point is taken care of, you have to develop a design that will appeal to the mass audience. Give it some time. Plan the process and execute it accordingly. 

First, try to find the target market 

This is a very important process. You need to find your target market to begin with. And that largely depends on the type of book that you have on offer. If you are writing about “How to Succeed in Your Business” then you have a certain section of the demography who will be interested. If you are writing about home d├ęcor or weight loss, your target audience will undoubtedly be women. This is a very key factor in determining the success or failure of your book. You must be very clear which section of the audience you want to cater. Once that is decided then most of the other parts of the job become a lot easier. 

You should know the pulse of your audience 

 This process can be achieved by extensive research on the Internet. You can find a lot of information about the tastes of the readers which can in fact help you to plan your book accordingly. Most writers actually write books, novels, stories, etc. keeping their target audience in mind. That actually helps to market the book quite easily. 

Think of how to make attractive eBook designs

Once you have all the details pertaining to user behavior, you can go about the process of developing of the best and compelling eBook designs. You can take help from the Internet to get ideas about the design structure and layouts. However, the thing would be to take help from professional designers who can provide you with amazingly interesting eBook designs.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Where does the businesses go wrong with Minisite Design

So far, one of the highly popular ways of marketing products and also earning money is by having a minisite in place for your brand. If you want to offer any product or service to your potential customers you should consider having a minisite. However, there are a lot of business owners who lose potential business because they do not concentrate on minisite design, which at the end is indeed very important. Let us now look at some of the common errors that minisite owners generally make and how can the errors be rectified.
·         Most of the brand owners do not make a prior plan about how exactly they want their minisite to look. The key to success is always to have a proper plan in place. You should have the layout of the site ready, including how the navigation and linking of the site will look like. To get a better result this is also the right time to think about how you will go about the business of online marketing via Search Engine Optimization or Social Media. That is one call you will have to take a lot early during the planning stage of the site.

·         Lack of planning is also reflected in most brand owner’s lack of work in keyword research. When you are planning to launch a new minisite it is always important to make suitable research. To begin with keywords play an important role in determining the search engine rankings of your website. So the basics have to be right. It is your duty as a site owner to ensure all the steps are followed; else your site’s future can be at a risk. Needless to say, there are millions of websites on the cyberspace and in order to stay ahead of the rest you have to think out of the box and plan well in advance. While researching for keywords always select the ones that are popular among the online visitors. Don’t waste your time and energy on keywords that nobody is searching for on the Internet. To make your work a little easy consider using special tools like goodkeyword, wordtracker or even the Google Adwords suggestion tool.

·         Another mistake that site owners often make is to make the website look complicated by simply putting in a lot of stuff like flash animation, graphics, whistles, bells, etc. right on the home page. To put it bluntly, this may work for kindergarten but doesn’t work with business sites. Even the kids these days do not prefer such stuff. So to attract the eyes of the online visitors and increase the traffic of your website, think of a minisite design that looks simple yet tell the story of your brand rather successfully to your prospective customers. The key is the minimal use of flash animations, graphics and Java scripts; search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo doesn’t index them at all. Search engines just love keywords and phrases that are original and creative.
These are some of the points to remember for minisite design.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Minisite Design – Why It Is a Better Option than a Conventional Website

Internet marketing based on direct response is getting competitive with every passing day. You will find an endless and relentless stream of marketing campaigns on your computer screen while surfing the internet. ‘Banners Blindness’ is getting more prominent to show the business owners’ increasing marketing endeavor for quick response. However, many of these banner works go unnoticed or irritate the visitors who are on hunt for necessary information at once.
True it is that direct response marketing brings you success in terms of monetary gains and increased subscription rates. However, to take your business to that level, you need to have proper planning and right kind of arsenals to snare a dib in the market.
There are many people who still stick out with conventional websites to promote their products and brand. Yes they get success – if the website looks good and functions well – but at the expense of time and cost. It requires more work, frames and placement of several links, which ultimately clutter the space to the point where you easily get lost into images, words and colors, so much so that news of new launches or offers escape your attention.
Minisite, being one-product centered website, provides a much uncluttered platform for internet marketing. There is no need to upload blogs regularly, deal with PHP scripts and HTML coding as well as other kinds of difficulties. All you need is a simple layout design for your minisite which will contain header, footer and web copy on the right places. ‘Rinse & Repeat’ – that phrase can perfectly describe the process of minisite making in nutshell.
You might have often heard about cheap minisite design. Designing minisite does not require you to pay a hefty sum though highly creative web designing experts, who definitely belong to rare breeds, demand high payment for their service. Still you can find a few experts who can offer you excellent service without going beyond the ‘LOC’ of your affordability.
For those looking for a cheap option should go to the websites offering minisite templates. Some of these websites are free while the rest demand a charge to allow you to avail their design contents. There are so many layouts available that you will almost get spoilt for choice. Chose that can rightly capture the essence of your business theme and product/service. High relevance between several website elements, attractive design and call-to-action feature of your minisite are what pick up glances from the target visitors.
Your website is doing well; do you still need a minisite? Yes. But why? Let’s clarify those points which clearly show how minisite can benefit you more than the conventional website on certain fronts. 

Focus on Lesser Target: The objective behind direct response marketing is to generate feedbacks from the prospects. This goal can be more easily accomplished with a minisite design. It usually contains only one link to direct the traffic to ‘Click Here’ section whereas the regular websites have multiple links which often confuse the visitors as to where they should go to place an order or fill up subscription form. 

Better Utilization of Powerful Graphics: A minisite is focused only on a few points instead of many. When powerful graphics are optimally used in your minisite, it increases conversion rate. Smart, not a shoddy layout, keeps the visitors coming to your minisite. After all, it is the appearance that makes your minisite click with the audience.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Choosing Right Font Type for Your Ecover Design

For an outstanding ecover design, it’s important to choose the right type of font. But what will work best for the ecover look? Does it depend on the type of images chosen for cover page? Or is there any uniform rule (though unwritten) in this context? Let us consider some points.
·         Usually a combination of typefaces is used for ebook cover. But what is the most happening combination? Sans-serif in combination with decorative font faces is most popular. Serif or script type font is a typical choice for decorative font faces.
·         Placement of text is an important consideration during cover designing. Do you like any special kind of effect like emboss, drop shadows, gradient, bevel or anything else? There should be much of empty space to give some soothing relief to your eyes; otherwise the cover will look cluttered.
·         Most of the writers and publishers prefer cool typeface. But they are often confused as to which type will look best on their book cover. A particular type does not look great for every cover. For example, Bodoni. For many ecover experts, it is a stunning font but they never use it as a one-fits-all solution. The reason? It has a classic feel which is most appropriate for the likes of women’s magazine. In true sense, it is a luxury font not suitable for every kind of ecover. 

Now Let’s Get to Work

You should be working with two or three fonts on trail basis to find out which works better. While doing so, follow these points:
·         Text should have a lot of white space around it.
·         Lower case letters are preferred as these enhance power and beauty of images and also give a shining effect to the title.
·         Keep yourself abstain from applying even little filter effects.
·         Use two different types of font faces, one for the title and another for author and byline
Even if you use the same image but apply a more professional use of the right font type, it will truly represent the essence of the story.
·         The first thing that you need to take care is to follow ‘less is more’ concept. Images should be given ample of room to breathe; otherwise these will divert all attention away.
·         Typography complements the design.
·         You have to apply decorative treatment to a flat ebook cover. Apart from font type, font size is also a factor to be taken into account. Just make sure that the book title and author’s name are readable even at a thumbnail view.
·         I personally prefer not playing with a riot of colors. Your ecover is not about any celebration but projecting what lies within. Don’t choose a color for the title that makes it look ‘greyed out’ as compared with the background. What is most important is maintaining a balance between all aspects of ecover design.
·         Some ecovers use grid line but it often hampers otherwise easy readability and therefore, should be avoided if you are not confident that doing so will make the cover more engaging.
Creating a great ecover needs many ingredients, the first of which is surely having a high level of creativity. At the same time, you should be in good knowledge of color use, font selection, image placement and many other aspects that together create a stand-apart design.