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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Minisite Design – Is It Really Easy to Find an Expert Professional

It won’t be much of trouble to find out a graphic designer having excellent command over use of colours and web designing. However, you will face a challenge while spotting a designer who can aptly deliver a winning style for your minisite design. A website or its mini version is actually a sales site.
If you search on Google for a website designer, millions of results will appear in just 0.12 seconds. However, only a few of them are equipped with knowledge of advanced online sales techniques. In fact, the companies are also not aware of such techniques and always in a hunt for a graphic designer who can develop a website with spectacular graphics and animated effects.

Must-Have Qualities of Expert Minisite Designers

A minisite is actually a sales page for any business. Only good look and comfortable navigation of a minisite are not going to work for your business. You need something more and that ‘X’ factor could be achieved only if you hire an expert designer having good amount of knowledge about marketing. An inevitable question arises and it is about the requisite qualities of a minisite designer. Let’s learn what qualities you must look into a web designer before getting someone to work.
There is no doubt that all minisites have converging purpose – making more profit. Still, primary goal is not same for all. Most of the minisites adopt direct approach of online selling while the rest collect online visitors’ database on their page. Some redirect the visitors to their main website whereas others offer membership proposal. You can notice sea changes in design of minisites just because they serve to different primary purposes of their owners.
The first and most important quality of an expert website designer is he must have clear and in-depth understanding of his client’s business and the purpose behind his minisite making. Depending on the purpose, the designer will choose the right set of images that are highly relevant to your business.
Knowing the target audience is important not only for you but also for your designer. The approach towards a minisite design that will sell Forex product will have ‘hell and heaven’ difference from the one selling cosmetic products. Visitors’ profile at an education site will be way different from that on a minisite designed for online dating. Apart from layout style, there will be huge difference in use of colours and graphics selection too.
Sharp yet soothing colour contrast attracts the visitors. An expert designer has great sense about colour use and contrast making. Catchy headlines should feature bright colour effects though use of too many colours at a particular section is very much distracting. Font types and text sizes should be such that the minisite content offers better readability. Titles and subtitles should appear in bigger texts as compared to the following paragraphs.  

It is better if the designer highlights certain sections or words and use bulleted points, underline, strikethrough where necessary. In a word, a good minisite designer should take into consideration all those points that contribute to converting a site into an effective sales page. 

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