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Thursday, 27 March 2014

3 Tips to Create Stunning & Saleable Ecover Design

If you are online to sell your digital products, a stunning ecover is most important to mint money. It is a common behavioral pattern of people that they receive maximum information through their eyes. It is the outlook that you consider first before making a purchase from clothes shop, book shop or retail stores etc. The same principle applies when it comes to digital products. Visual impression is important to convince the consumers when they are buying an ebook, software or any product from virtual market.
You can hire an ecover design professional. This is the best way to get a unique and excellent cover designed for your digital product. However, you have another choice to design an ecover. There is a wider selection of tools such as eocver creators, Photoshop action scripts, ecover generators that you can use for your purpose. In this article, we will discuss three simple tips to help you design an ecover that fetches attention from people who want to purchase and download your products.

Select images carefully

Choose only those images which are ideal to express messages and content of your product/service. It is extremely important that the pictures and your offer perfectly fit each other. Avoid using too many colors as it may divert visitors’ attention off what you have on offer. Do editing if required. You may change colors, resize, crop images, transform and do other important editing work to ensure the final output looks stunning. Images should be high on quality, otherwise these will not look good on the cover. When you are through selection and editing, place the images in right area.

Select right texts

Title is one of the most important parts of an ecover design. It should be short and crispy, aptly describing your product or service. Use special front and increase the font size for title to create an enhanced visual effect. You can download fonts from websites; plenty of them are easily available. Use special effects to lend it a more professional touch.
Then it is important to consider list of selling points. This aspect plays a significant part to convince the customers to purchase your product. For this part, choose simple and smaller font. Add special effects and bullet points to it. Remember two simple tips as follows:
·         Align texts to the left, it looks professional.
·         Make sure texts are easy to read even in thumbnail size.

Select right color

Before you choose a color or color combination, you should know what effects it will have on people. Everything depends on the particular shade of colors you choose, how much of it you use and which other types you choose for a good combination. Here are meanings of some most common colors:

Red: Strong, passionate and aggressive. Use it if you want to stress on something, catch attention of the visitors and want them to take action.

Green: Renewal, health, growth and environment. Use it on ecover design to make an expression of freshness, stability and harmony.

Yellow: Joy, happiness and good feelings. Use it to grab eyeballs when you think red will be too much for texts. 

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