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Saturday, 7 June 2014

7 Steps to Create a Fascinating Minisite Design

An engaging and effective minisite is what can bring you the best result. It can earn you passive income through affiliate promotion that you have been relying for years. Followings are 7 simple steps regarding how to create a magnificent minisite design.
Base your domain name on keyword
To start with, you should choose a domain name that includes your target keyword. The best part of choosing a keyword-targeted domain name is there will be more chance for your site to get higher rank on that particular keyword in the search result pages.
Select a good design for your minisite
The next important thing for you to do is to decide a good design for your minisite. Look is what appeals to the visitors first. However, never select a garish look for your minisite, rather keep it simple yet professional. Your minisite is meant to deliver required information to the target customers. If the design is trendy and catchy, it will help you build up good reputation in your particular business niche.

Make a list of 10 business-related keywords
Design is not enough for your minisite, you need to develop content. And before doing so, you need to prepare a list of keywords, on which the content will be based. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business as well as domain name and have low competition. That is a very effective way to dominate search results for the main keywords.
Write articles for each of those keywords
After 10 most important, relevant and low-competitive keywords are enlisted, it is time to write contents based on them. Write at least 10 articles on each of your selected keywords. Your content must be unique, grammatically correct, of high quality and dish out information about the product/service that you want to promote through your minisite design. Develop contents in form of bulleted guidelines, tips, tutorials which are in high relevance with your business and product.
Create review articles for affiliate products
You should develop at least two pages for your minisite – the first one is landing page and the second one will be about review on your affiliate product. Your aim should be to guide the visitors to this page after they go through your content on the main page. Your review should illustrate the unique points about the affiliate product in easy-to-understand and catchy language so that the visitors are encouraged to purchase it.
Develop easy-to-navigate tools
A minisite does not contain many pages. It means building a simple navigation panel will not involve much of difficulties. Links to every minisite page should be placed in the sidebar. Easy navigation facilitates the visitors to find out contents and read them without any trouble.
Integrate paragraph leading to your review article
That last step to make your minisite design attractive is to place a paragraph that functions as a resource box. Insert this paragraph on your minisite and at the end of each article
A minisite does not take much of time to complete but brings you good result if it is designed magnificent.

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