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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Generate Leads through Ebook Design

An effective and one of the most popular ways to generate leads over internet is to offer free gifts including ebooks. Leads here mean email ids of the visitors who are interested in your business promotion via email marketing. It is a simple and straightforward approach towards marketing, requiring the marketing professionals to write their business-relevant ebook and then promote it online. To spread the words about their business, they even promote these ebooks on blog or website. Ebook design must be a stand-out in order to pick up curious glances from intending visitors who want to buy the particular product/service on offer. 

How can ebook help lead increase?

The obvious objective of ebook is to increase volume of traffic and generate leads. An ebook must interest the intending visitors and be easily understood by the readers. Online visitors can be easily lured by free offers, among which, ebooks deserve a special mention as it appeals to the visitors and is highly valued by them. The online visitors can easily download the ebook by clicking on the link provided, from where the actual process of lead generation kicks off. Needless to put here that more inspiring, inviting and professional an ebook design is, more leads it will generate. 

After clicking on the link, the visitors will be taken to a webpage that will ask them to enter email address. The page will inform the visitors that if they provide their contact details including email address, more information will be revealed to them. The online visitors won’t mind divulging more details as a chance to get rewards is more alluring for them. Such type of page is called landing page, squeeze page or lead capture page. True it is that the visitors are mainly motivated by the likelihood of getting something at free of cost. Still a good ebook design drivers more visitors, thereby generating more leads for your business. 

Decide your objectives – It’s most important

Before taking up an important task like ebook writing, you first need to decide why you want to write an ebook. The obvious purpose is to generate leads as well as add to your database. However, an audience takeaway goal must not be forgotten. What messages regarding your brand and/or product will you want to convey to customers? What types of feedbacks do you expect from audience? Do you want to see yourself as the industry leader? Do you like to give tips on your business or product relevant topic in a hope that potential visitors will get in touch of you to know more? Do you intend to share your story in a more interesting way?
Correct answers to all these questions will help you create a fascinating ebook design

Design is very important 

A good look is a winner everywhere. Keeping that in mind, you need to create your ebook in such a way that visitors cannot wait to leaf through its pages. A badly and unprofessionally designed ebook cover will turn off your target readers. Apart from look, catchy and quality content is also an important aspect of overall ebook design. Make sure that your ebook contains relevant content in brief but never create it a content-heavy output.  

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