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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Checklist for Essential Components of Minisite Design Templates

Every minisite template is designed in keeping with the laws of direct responsive web design so that your web effort leads to a dramatic increase in conversion rate. Fact is, a cheap template is a downer for your online business as it drives people away and dissuades them from making a buy from your website. According to industry experts, a minisite is a presentation in front of online audience and must highlight the qualities of your product/service. Don’t you think your minisite design needs extra care and it’s time for you to stop promoting your brand in a sock?
A beautifully done and designed minisite is actually a sales message. The purpose of minisite making is to perform one important task and it is to encourage visitors to know about your product/service and place an order for it. There is a host of differences between regular website templates and direct response eliciting minisite templates. Selecting the wrong one could cost you lost sale because that lacks sales pitch. Followings are some important parts of a minisite template, which need attention from your end.
The top header part of your minisite is a graphic area. A professionally designed header part will stamp the name of your brand in the visitors’ mind but never at the expense of driving attention away from headline or taking up screen space that might be used by your product.
Teaser text
It is the area which actually draws visitors’ attention to your minisite, encouraging them to head subconsciously to the headline part.
Headline area
Do you know more than 80% of selling can be made from this spot? It is better not to skate on thin ice by taking a chance on a design that adds no power to this crucial part.
High-quality ecovers
Presentation of product in the right way is extremely important. It’s similar to buying anything in supermarkets. The cover is the first thing to create impression. It also communicates the value of a product to your customers. Cheap cover is perceived having low value while professionally designed ecover is equated to high value.
Introduce yourself in a professional way
A sales copy with author’s photo sells much better than a copy without any photo. It’s common to consumers to easily trust others when it comes to making a purchase decision. So if a particular customer or group is impressed, expect them to spread words and that will bring you more buyers. But for that to happen, introduction must be very special.

Footer notice and copyright area

Just like regular websites, you can place as many links as you want in your minisite design. You can add Privacy Policy, Affiliate signup, Earnings Disclaimer, Refund Policy etc. Inclusion of these in footer area builds confidence in your defined visitors.
The above-mentioned parts are some of the minimum requirements of a minisite template though covering all of them in your minisite never ensures success. You need an accomplished design, high quality of product and excellent customer service. However, a good minisite template could be a solid starting point to build up an engaging and effective design

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