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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Minisite Designs – Different Types of Mini Sites & How to Make It Work

A minisite is the most effective tool to boost up your portfolio within a short space of time. A minisite design - if properly done - can bring you a good flow of cash every month. You can also link them with your main website and promote the same in an indirect way. A minisite is a small website containing only 1-2 pages though sometimes it may include more pages but that is a rarity. A minisite is meant to promote only a single product or related products in a single group and mainly focused on how to increase sale. However, there are multiple types of minisites depending on the purpose they serve. Here are a few of them:
·         Information Mini Sites: Such type of minisite is built to cover a particular product, service or topic in order to dish out valuable information to e-crowd. The webmasters usually place amazon, adsense and other popular affiliate links on these sites and hope that a certain percentage of their target visitors will click on them.

·         Tool Mini Sites: There are thousands of free scripts easily available to download and allow you to develop a minisite with a useful tool. For example, the intending minisite designers can easily download a script for weight conversion and develop a minisite design that allows the visitors to utilize the tool. You can also place advertisements around these tools.
·         Product Mini Sites: These minisites give reviews about one particular product. They are created to target a particular affiliate item. For example, if you want to generate more sales on a website selling anti-wrinkle cream, you need to build up more pages to discuss about causes of ageing and how your product slows down the process.

You can use PPC campaigns or adwords for your minisite promotion. You can update your minisite from time to time. A great thing about them is once minisites are built, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on their design once again. Only a few hours are required to develop a minisite and write the content. And then place links on your minisite to connect it to your main website or other sites in order to increase traffic and ensure a steady cash flow through it.

Minisites, while functioning individually, are unlikely to glance off much but if work collectively, they could earn you an overwhelming return. Minisites are easy to design as well as maintain. There is no need to respond to mails hitting your email account on a regular basis. You also don’t need to regularly update your minisite design. After you are done with their it design, there is no need to take further look at the site. That saves you time that can be spent for other purposes.
However, you need to check stats every now and then and even may have to add a page or more pages. You may also add a little tweak to your minisite to refresh its look, provided such change is likely to bring you good money.

Of course, you should go back every now and then and check stats and perhaps add a page or tweak the site a little, particularly if the site is making you good money (note : mini sites are also a great way to test the water of a niche you’re not familar with).

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