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Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to Optimize Your Minisite Design on Search Engines

A minisite refers to a simple and clutter-free website created to promote a particular product and convey sales message. A mini site is also referred to as a micro site and has a URL that is distinct from the main website. It may contain five-six pages though most of the time, is a single-page creation. 

The purpose behind any minisite design is to generate more leads and sales. Now traffic build-up for your minisite can be improved via content development, article marketing, PPC campaign and social media marketing. Unlike regular websites, minisites are not designed with aggressive SEO marketing components like keyword-rich content and so take time to get a good rank in the search engine result pages. However, they can be made compatible with search engine algorithms via addition of a few more pages and content. It is very important for a minisite to be easily visible on the search engine listings, attract more visitors and enhance rate of conversion. 

A minisite serves only a single purpose and that is to sell your product. Most of the time, the landing page contains the sales message so that it easily comes into view of the target visitors. Simple navigation is a must-have feature for any effective minisite design. Simplicity is a striking feature that encourages the prospects to visit your site and make a buy from it if they like your product and the sales message convince them. A one-page structure makes it difficult for a minisite to be favored by the search engines. In fact, a minisite – even if designed stunning and most professional – is the first one to go down the pecking order of major search engines.

The search engines love keyword-rich content but minisites are short on that. By including a few pages to your one-page minisite, you can make it attract search engine crawlers. It will help in optimization of your minisite. The required additional pages are as follows:


All business related information must find a mention on your homepage. The page should also shed light on your product and the brand on the whole. Keywords must be used in title, subtitles and body of content. A homepage contains all the links to other pages of your minisite. An opt-in box should be placed in the right position for those visitors who are not interested to buy anything right now but could be asked to provide some basic information like email address so that they can be contacted in future. 

Article Pages

Articles found on these pages must have general ideas about the particular product promoted through use of optimized keywords. The search engines can recognize relevant synonyms and you can use them interchangeably. The ideal way to optimize your minisite design is to develop a separate page for every article based on a single keyword. That will give your minisite page great exposure, earning you more leads within a short time. However, the trick for better conversion lies in the links that direct to the sales page. 


A sitemap is a guideline for the search engines to locate specific page in your minisite. When you are creating sitemaps, make sure that your minisite home page, article page and other pages maintain right density of relevant keywords for more exposure in search engines.

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