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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Choosing Right Font Type for Your Ecover Design

For an outstanding ecover design, it’s important to choose the right type of font. But what will work best for the ecover look? Does it depend on the type of images chosen for cover page? Or is there any uniform rule (though unwritten) in this context? Let us consider some points.
·         Usually a combination of typefaces is used for ebook cover. But what is the most happening combination? Sans-serif in combination with decorative font faces is most popular. Serif or script type font is a typical choice for decorative font faces.
·         Placement of text is an important consideration during cover designing. Do you like any special kind of effect like emboss, drop shadows, gradient, bevel or anything else? There should be much of empty space to give some soothing relief to your eyes; otherwise the cover will look cluttered.
·         Most of the writers and publishers prefer cool typeface. But they are often confused as to which type will look best on their book cover. A particular type does not look great for every cover. For example, Bodoni. For many ecover experts, it is a stunning font but they never use it as a one-fits-all solution. The reason? It has a classic feel which is most appropriate for the likes of women’s magazine. In true sense, it is a luxury font not suitable for every kind of ecover. 

Now Let’s Get to Work

You should be working with two or three fonts on trail basis to find out which works better. While doing so, follow these points:
·         Text should have a lot of white space around it.
·         Lower case letters are preferred as these enhance power and beauty of images and also give a shining effect to the title.
·         Keep yourself abstain from applying even little filter effects.
·         Use two different types of font faces, one for the title and another for author and byline
Even if you use the same image but apply a more professional use of the right font type, it will truly represent the essence of the story.
·         The first thing that you need to take care is to follow ‘less is more’ concept. Images should be given ample of room to breathe; otherwise these will divert all attention away.
·         Typography complements the design.
·         You have to apply decorative treatment to a flat ebook cover. Apart from font type, font size is also a factor to be taken into account. Just make sure that the book title and author’s name are readable even at a thumbnail view.
·         I personally prefer not playing with a riot of colors. Your ecover is not about any celebration but projecting what lies within. Don’t choose a color for the title that makes it look ‘greyed out’ as compared with the background. What is most important is maintaining a balance between all aspects of ecover design.
·         Some ecovers use grid line but it often hampers otherwise easy readability and therefore, should be avoided if you are not confident that doing so will make the cover more engaging.
Creating a great ecover needs many ingredients, the first of which is surely having a high level of creativity. At the same time, you should be in good knowledge of color use, font selection, image placement and many other aspects that together create a stand-apart design.

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