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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Advantages of Creating Joomla-Based Minisite Design

Almost everyone in the world of online marketing is aware of minisite design. However, very few of these people ever consider using free CMS or an open source system like Joomla or Mambo to design minisites. There are a lot of advantages of using a CMS like Joomla. Read the following points to know the benefits.
·         It is easy to use Joomla. Thousands of free CSS-based minisite templates are available. These conform to the latest standards and have your website ready and running within a few hours. 

·         Joomla supports WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Integrated visual editors enable you to easily set up and append content to a website just like what you can do through a word processor. It means your website provides full support to the latest web 2.0 standard, facilitating easy content grow without requiring you to redevelop your website from the scratch. 

·         Joomla integrates thousands of extensions which will help you produce a standard and most professional website that can give other expensive websites a run for money. You can also add photo galleries, audio, streaming video, chat, forums, membership sites and rich blogs. In short, Joomla will provide you with everything that can make your website exciting and drive the visitors back again. In a word, if you want a cheap minisite design without getting short on quality factor, Joomla could be a good platform to consider.
·         With Joomla, you can easily and quickly change a minisite within a few minutes. That lets you refresh your site frequently quickly. 

·         Joomla is regularly updated. That makes it easier for you to work on the latest version which includes more advanced features.
·           Most of add-ons and extensions on Joomla are free. So, it is very easy to have your .com presence online.
·         Many companies have included support for Joomla in their hosting package. It can be installed – with just one click – via Fantastico scripts. Moreover, there are several video packages and a user manual to guide you to create minisite design templates and also membership sites for profit.
In view of these advantages, it is sure that you will easily get used to the new methods of using a CMS-based minisite. Such websites are not only easy to create but also easy to manage. Once you have thorough understanding of it, you are more likely to develop dislike for slow process of desktop minisite creation and uploading.
You will be provided with a log in by your web hosting provider following Joomla installation. That will allow you to go into the administrator sections so that you can make any change in look and content or add content to your minisite. After logging in, go to template section in the site manager and click on new.
Creating a minisite design is extremely easy on Joomla platform and with so many features and new add-ons on the latest versions; you will be able to create an exciting look with help of a tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions.

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