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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Why You Should Use Minisite Templates for Online Business

Most of us suffer under a wrong belief that minisite templates are not worth using because they are designed by the amateurs and not by the expert designers. These templates are generated to give you guidance in regards to designing of your minisite, which you can put flesh on or customize as per your preference. The point to drive nail home is these templates are never “cookie cutter” type.
Well, obviously some of them look like ‘twins’ with a different twist. However, that is never to imply that a stand-out design is a rarity in the gallery of templates. Apart from exclusivity, these minisites are very professional in feel and striking in look. Needles to mention, these two factors are most important to drive the traffic to your website.
Followings are some reasons to explain why you should consider a minisite template while taking your business online. 

Reason #1

Not all of these templates are just another from the packs, most of them are out of the box. So there is a good chance that your business will be represented online through a new ‘face’. Obviously you will find some basic templates which vary from each other in terms of theme and color. However, that should not be a discouraging factor because you can edit any template to match your requirements. 

Reason #2

Using template is a cost-saving idea. If you are not a professional web designer, then web templates are a good solution for your online businesses. minisite templates are the foundation block of the main structure and drop a hint about the final look of your website. 

Reason #3

Most of the basic HTML templates are editable with help of an HTML editor and a basic photo editing software application. It saves on expenses of making a website. These days, Microsoft package packs in HTML editors like Microsoft FrontPage®. It offers a good help to the web designer. There are easily downloadable free HTML editors to edit templates. Adobe Dreamweaver® is also an ideal and easy-to-use HTML editor that most web designers prefer. 

Reason #4

The minisite templates integrate HTML codes with image placement, navigation, table, color schemes, columns, header and footer, web copy placement etc. This gives a strong indication to the designers in regards to the web page flow and the final presentation of the webpage. 

Reason #5
Using a minisite template brings some speed in the process of your website making and places your business on internet quickly. If you are using a template to design your website, you will enjoy absolute control over your website as well as timetable to complete and publish the site. If you hire a designer to develop your minisite from the scratch, it may take a long time ranging from weeks to months, depending on the complexity involved. Everything boils down to “time is as precious as money”.
Even if you are using a designer, set a timetable for him. Also ensure that the designer pulls out every stop to complete the work within the scheduled timeline.

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