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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ecover Design Software – Little Work, Great Output

Some self-publishing writers are surprisingly nonchalant about the design of their book cover. They are more governed by idealistic thoughts that if their ebooks are worth reading, cover design never matters big. They fail to understand that even educational books are considered commercial products.
That means, apart from inner substance, ecover design plays a crucial role for your ebook to be popular and saleable on internet. Plenty of information on any subject is available on internet. The cover design should be such that the target customers are well aware of what they are right up to before making a purchase of the book.

Bookstore proprietors can give proof in support of the above prelude. Their sales chart is enough to speak volume for how a sloppy cover, irrespective of engaging and healthy content, downs prospects of a book in market. On other hand, a well-designed cover with same topic inside makes your book saleable.
As an author, you should know that even a classic novel having an engaging cover design sells like a hot cake and much better than a drab version of it having nothing to hang around. What more do you need to know?
A professionally designed ebook cover helps your target audience imagine the particular book that you are marketing actually exists and they don’t need a preview. These days, there are a lot of scammers on internet. As a result, the prospective buyers grow more cynical about making a purchase online. An effective ecover design will establish your credibility in the eyes of your potential readers. 

If same information is available on another website, chance is more that a customer would switch attention to your ebook instead of your competitors’, provide your cover designing is far better. According to studies, graphics on your ecover may shoot up sales up to 300%. There is big doubt over the figure but there is no denying the fact that a good design considerably drives up sale margin of your ebook.
A group of self-publishing authors is not enthusiastic about hiring a professional for ebook cover design. They think doing so will only add to their budget and would bring nothing of note in return. They put themselves through the paces without considerable expertise in this niche, with only one aim to save cost and that often results into unavoidable disaster.  

There is a way that can save you money but leaves you with excellent ecover design. Have you heard about ecover generator? It is a software tool that enables you to create a great design even without requiring top-notch expertise. The only need for you is to sign up for the service in order to access the tools on website.
Choose from a wider option of shapes, font styles, text effects, templates and other features to create a stunning ebook cover. You are also allowed to use your own graphics on the cover page and for that purpose; you first have to upload those images. These tools are fairly easy to use and what you need is just to ‘drag and drop’ your choicest elements to your cover page.
Generate your cover page, download the design and everything is done!

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