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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to Create a Successful Ecover Design

This is not a new challenge for the online marketers. Whenever it is time to launch a product, an attractive ecover design plays a key role to decide whether your effort will succeed or stumble. A good cover design is a collage of multiple aspects – relevant images, perfect choice of colors and readable font. If design is not up to the standard, the prospective buyers will take little time to turn their eyes off your products. This article details 4 essential criteria that you must take into consideration while creating cover either yourself or getting it done by someone else.
Selection of Right Images
For this aspect to be perfect, you must be in knowhow of market trend and have an eye for beauty as well. You should select such images that perfectly go with your ebook theme as this is the way to enhance product image and branding. Design of your cover design has a significant impact on sales conversion figure of your ebook, so it is the very first point to take into account.
Selection of Right Colors
It is a significant step towards an enhanced branding of your business. Even if your product is great in quality, you must think about good packaging before promoting it online. This is because; there is no chance for the readers to leaf through the pages or decide whether your offer is good or bad until they use it. They will judge your product only by its cover design. It is well said that an ecover design has potentials to make or break your online success.
It has been proved that colors can evoke emotions in customers and even contribute to mood swing in them. So better it will be if you spend some time to research on what your target audience will actually like – consider both images and colors – and then only make a decision as to what to use for your design purpose.
Designing in 3D Style
3D is a trend these days. There is plenty of 3D designing software apps that can be of great help to you for this purpose. If you know how to use 3D design software, you can create and add lightening effect to produce a 3D perspective. However, many marketers do not like to see themselves in designers’ shoes as juggling too many hats deflects their attention off the most important areas of business. So leave it to an expert for ecover design.
Despite many choices that come with an ecover script or software, you need to possess artistic prowess on a high level to choose the right style to promote your e-product. Therefore, you should narrow your choice to a few styles before making the final selection. You can create 2-3 different ecovers and use them simultaneously for split-result over a certain period of time.
Selecting Right Titles & Subtitles 
Choosing the right keywords for both titles and subtitles lends an edge to your marketing effort. Focus on simple, straight and short-tailed keywords that appeal to most of your target customers.

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